About Us

We do Amazon Marketplace strategy and optimization, and we do it well.
Our crew specializes in supporting the Amazon ecosystem and our clients within it. We’ve spent years engaging with Amazon’s A9 search algorithm, advertising platforms, conversion rate optimization, channel management, and more to help you drive sales. Our team deep-dives, clean up, and enhances partner marketplace presence through ASEO (Amazon Search Engine Optimization) of written content, visual content, and user-generated content such as product reviews. Through our price monitoring analytics, we work with brand partners to enforce MAP and eliminate non-compliant resellers. We align our brand partners’ best interests with ours and put our money where our mouth is.

It's Earth Day every day.

We are proud to work to make it "greener" and more eco-friendly, not just because we believe in it, but because it is right. We recycle from the warehouse and throughout the building all the cardboard, bottles, plastics, aluminum, and metals.

Making A Positive Difference

We are glad to promote awareness for good causes at eDooMarket, and we take satisfaction in having a lasting influence that benefits our community. We work toward this aim by contributing goods and services to local homeless shelters. We’re not just a business; we’re a part of the community.

The Influence of Community

eDooMarket was founded with the intention of making a good difference in our community and beyond. At the local level, one way we prefer to give back is to donate to organizations that help struggling families, veterans, persons with disabilities, and the homeless. We donate approximately 300 items to our less fortunate neighbors once a month, including food, toiletries, clothing, and cleaners. We encourage everyone, including corporations, to become engaged and contribute back to their communities.

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